Commit 8328ad13 authored by James Darnley's avatar James Darnley Committed by Ramiro Polla
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configure: print minimum lame version number required after revision 25128

Patch by James Darnley <james dot darnley at gmail dot com>.

Originally committed as revision 25139 to svn://
parent 6c3d0218
......@@ -2722,7 +2722,7 @@ enabled libdirac && add_cflags $(pkg-config --cflags dirac) &&
require libdirac libdirac_encoder/dirac_encoder.h dirac_encoder_init $(pkg-config --libs dirac)
enabled libfaac && require2 libfaac "stdint.h faac.h" faacEncGetVersion -lfaac
enabled libgsm && require libgsm gsm/gsm.h gsm_create -lgsm
enabled libmp3lame && require libmp3lame lame/lame.h hip_decode_init -lmp3lame
enabled libmp3lame && require "libmp3lame >= 3.98.3" lame/lame.h hip_decode_init -lmp3lame
enabled libnut && require libnut libnut.h nut_demuxer_init -lnut
enabled libopencore_amrnb && require libopencore_amrnb opencore-amrnb/interf_dec.h Decoder_Interface_init -lopencore-amrnb
enabled libopencore_amrwb && require libopencore_amrwb opencore-amrwb/dec_if.h D_IF_init -lopencore-amrwb
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