Commit 837f0ad7 authored by Michel Bardiaux's avatar Michel Bardiaux Committed by Diego Biurrun

Fall back on grepping for the revision number if no svn client is installed.

patch by Michel Bardiaux, mbardiaux mediaxim be

Originally committed as revision 6179 to svn://
parent afd1a2d8
svn_revision=`cd "$1" && LC_ALL=C svn info 2> /dev/null | grep Revision | cut -d' ' -f2`
test $svn_revision || svn_revision=`cd "$1" && grep revision .svn/entries | \
cut -d '"' -f2 2> /dev/null`
test $svn_revision || svn_revision=UNKNOWN
NEW_REVISION="#define FFMPEG_VERSION \"SVN-r$svn_revision\""
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