Commit 83cc23c5 authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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Add some information about the stream bitrate, if available

Originally committed as revision 12331 to svn://
parent 1326621c
......@@ -267,6 +267,9 @@ static void sdp_write_media(char *buff, int size, AVCodecContext *c, const char
av_strlcatf(buff, size, "m=%s %d RTP/AVP %d\r\n", type, port, payload_type);
dest_write(buff, size, dest_addr, ttl);
if (c->bit_rate) {
av_strlcatf(buff, size, "b=AS:%d\r\n", c->bit_rate / 1000);
sdp_media_attributes(buff, size, c, payload_type);
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