Commit 841073ce authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Reenable ANSI colors, use method from VLC as suggested by ramiro.

Please tell us asap if this breaks for your platform & terminal.

Originally committed as revision 22951 to svn://
parent cc8538ff
......@@ -33,18 +33,18 @@ static
int av_log_level = AV_LOG_INFO;
#if (!HAVE_ISATTY) || defined(WIN32)
#define isatty(s) 0
#undef fprintf
static void colored_fputs(int color, const char *str){
// fprintf(stderr, "\033[%dm\033[3%dm", color>>4, color&15);
fprintf(stderr, "\033[%dm\033[3%dm", color>>4, color&15);
fputs(str, stderr);
// fprintf(stderr, "\033[0m");
fprintf(stderr, "\033[0m");
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