Commit 85e5b866 authored by Justin Ruggles's avatar Justin Ruggles

avplay: properly close/reopen AVAudioResampleContext on channel layout change

fixes Bug#280
parent f1322480
......@@ -2060,15 +2060,17 @@ static int audio_decode_frame(VideoState *is, double *pts_ptr)
dec->channel_layout != is->resample_channel_layout;
if ((!is->avr && audio_resample) || resample_changed) {
int ret;
if (is->avr)
else if (audio_resample) {
int ret;
is->avr = avresample_alloc_context();
if (!is->avr) {
fprintf(stderr, "error allocating AVAudioResampleContext\n");
if (audio_resample) {
av_opt_set_int(is->avr, "in_channel_layout", dec->channel_layout, 0);
av_opt_set_int(is->avr, "in_sample_fmt", dec->sample_fmt, 0);
av_opt_set_int(is->avr, "in_sample_rate", dec->sample_rate, 0);
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