Commit 8600bbb3 authored by Ben Littler's avatar Ben Littler
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add my (compn) fingerprint to svn write list in maintainers file

Originally committed as revision 25680 to svn://
parent 6e872935
......@@ -357,6 +357,7 @@ GnuPG Fingerprints of maintainers and others who have svn write access
Attila Kinali 11F0 F9A6 A1D2 11F6 C745 D10C 6520 BCDD F2DF E765
Baptiste Coudurier 8D77 134D 20CC 9220 201F C5DB 0AC9 325C 5C1A BAAA
Ben Littler 3EE3 3723 E560 3214 A8CD 4DEB 2CDB FCE7 768C 8D2C
Benoit Fouet B22A 4F4F 43EF 636B BB66 FCDC 0023 AE1E 2985 49C8
Daniel Verkamp 78A6 07ED 782C 653E C628 B8B9 F0EB 8DD8 2F0E 21C7
Diego Biurrun 8227 1E31 B6D9 4994 7427 E220 9CAE D6CC 4757 FCC5
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