Commit 8684704b authored by Marc Hoffman's avatar Marc Hoffman Committed by Guillaume Poirier
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add bfin cpu specific build options, patch by Marc Hoffman % mmh P pleasantst P com %

original thread:
date: Feb 21, 2007 1:32 PM
subject: [Ffmpeg-devel] bfin cpu specific build options

Originally committed as revision 8060 to svn://
parent 470d2d03
......@@ -1328,6 +1328,11 @@ if test $cpu != "generic"; then
add_cflags "-mcpu=v9"
bf*) #bf531 bf532 bf533 bf561 bf5xx all get this config
add_cflags "-mfdpic"
add_ldflags "-mfdpic"
add_ldflags "-Wl,--defsym,__stacksize=0x40000"
echo "WARNING: Unknown CPU \"$cpu\", ignored."
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