Commit 8731dbd8 authored by Jason Garrett-Glaser's avatar Jason Garrett-Glaser
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Eliminate one instruction in VP8 dc_add_sse4

Originally committed as revision 24405 to svn://
parent 0662bf22
......@@ -946,10 +946,9 @@ cglobal vp8_idct_dc_add_sse4, 3, 3, 6
movd xmm0, [r1]
lea r1, [r0+r2*2]
pxor xmm1, xmm1
movq xmm2, [pw_4]
; calculate DC
paddw xmm0, xmm2
paddw xmm0, [pw_4]
movd xmm2, [r0]
movd xmm3, [r0+r2]
movd xmm4, [r1]
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