Commit 88bc5a64 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Ensure that additional filter coeffs that exist due to alignment

are 0 if bitexact mode is requested.

Originally committed as revision 27595 to svn://
parent 84c12535
......@@ -1244,6 +1244,8 @@ static inline int initFilter(int16_t **outFilter, int16_t **filterPos, int *outF
if (j>=filter2Size) filter[i*filterSize + j]= 0.0;
else filter[i*filterSize + j]= filter2[i*filter2Size + j];
if((flags & SWS_BITEXACT) && j>=minFilterSize)
filter[i*filterSize + j]= 0.0;
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