Commit 8b5f8e18 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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remove secure password delivery requirement after complaint by the SVN admin

Originally committed as revision 8416 to svn://
parent ce10ff8e
......@@ -1558,10 +1558,6 @@ please use av_log() instead.
Never write to unallocated memory, never write over the end of arrays,
always check values read from some untrusted source before using them
as array index or other risky things.
Developers who have provided a public GPG key shall only receive
passwords or other sensitive information related to FFmpeg encrypted
with their GPG key or in another secure way.
Remember to check if you need to bump versions for the specific libav
parts (libavutil, libavcodec, libavformat) you are changing. You need
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