Commit 8b65b9a3 authored by David Conrad's avatar David Conrad
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We shouldn't be passing in sizes larger than 2^56-2, so use an assert

Originally committed as revision 10385 to svn://
parent e5c29287
......@@ -131,11 +131,7 @@ static void put_ebml_size(ByteIOContext *pb, uint64_t size, int bytes)
int i, needed_bytes = ebml_size_bytes(size);
// sizes larger than this are currently undefined in EBML
// so write "unknown" size
if (size >= (1ULL<<56)-1) {
put_ebml_size_unknown(pb, 1);
assert(size < (1ULL<<56)-1);
if (bytes == 0)
// don't care how many bytes are used, so use the min
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