Commit 8b93ddc3 authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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configure: allow comma-separated list in --enable/disable-thing=name

The argument to these options is now a comma-separated list of shell
patterns, e.g. --disable-decoder='indeo*,rv*'

Originally committed as revision 19604 to svn://
parent be8f2501
......@@ -1390,10 +1390,11 @@ for opt do
--enable-debug=*) debuglevel="$optval"
eval $(echo "$opt" | sed 's/=/-/;s/--/action=/;s/-/ thing=/;s/-/ name=/')
eval $(echo "${opt%%=*}" | sed 's/--/action=/;s/-/ thing=/')
is_in "${thing}s" $COMPONENT_LIST || die_unknown "$opt"
eval list=\$$(toupper $thing)_LIST
$action $(filter "${optval}_${thing}" $list)
name=$(echo "${optval}" | sed "s/,/_${thing}|/g")_${thing}
$action $(filter "$name" $list)
eval $(echo "$opt" | sed 's/--/action=/;s/-/ option=/;s/-/_/g')
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