Commit 8d9769a7 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov Committed by Ronald S. Bultje

avio: deprecate url_fileno

It's an evil hack that assumes an AVIOContext is always based on top of
an URLContext.
It's also not used anywhere.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRonald S. Bultje <>
parent 447fe336
......@@ -623,9 +623,10 @@ int url_resetbuf(AVIOContext *s, int flags);
int avio_open(AVIOContext **s, const char *url, int flags);
int avio_close(AVIOContext *s);
URLContext *url_fileno(AVIOContext *s);
attribute_deprecated URLContext *url_fileno(AVIOContext *s);
* @deprecated use AVIOContext.max_packet_size directly.
......@@ -923,10 +923,12 @@ int avio_close(AVIOContext *s)
return url_close(h);
URLContext *url_fileno(AVIOContext *s)
return s->opaque;
int avio_printf(AVIOContext *s, const char *fmt, ...)
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