Commit 8f1b06c8 authored by Luca Barbato's avatar Luca Barbato

configure: check for SDL_Linked_Version instead of SDL_Init

This avoids the main/SDL_main declaration clash caused by SDL on
Windows and other platforms.
parent 42cfb383
......@@ -2886,7 +2886,7 @@ if enabled libdc1394; then
die "ERROR: No version of libdc1394 found "
if check_pkg_config sdl SDL.h SDL_Init; then
if check_pkg_config sdl SDL_version.h SDL_Linked_Version; then
check_cpp_condition SDL.h "(SDL_MAJOR_VERSION<<16 | SDL_MINOR_VERSION<<8 | SDL_PATCHLEVEL) >= 0x010201" $sdl_cflags &&
enable sdl &&
check_struct SDL.h SDL_VideoInfo current_w $sdl_cflags && enable sdl_video_size
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