Commit 8fc3d25c authored by Panagiotis Issaris's avatar Panagiotis Issaris
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Doxygenize the comments for the avpicture_free() function.

Originally committed as revision 8080 to svn://
parent 8ab4861c
......@@ -2443,7 +2443,11 @@ attribute_deprecated void img_resample_close(ImgReSampleContext *s);
int avpicture_alloc(AVPicture *picture, int pix_fmt, int width, int height);
/* Free a picture previously allocated by avpicture_alloc. */
* Free a picture previously allocated by avpicture_alloc().
* @param picture The AVPicture to be freed.
void avpicture_free(AVPicture *picture);
int avpicture_fill(AVPicture *picture, uint8_t *ptr,
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