Commit 9120e2cd authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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Print config of each lib if different from that of ffmpeg/ffplay/ffserver

Originally committed as revision 21448 to svn://
parent 27739206
......@@ -346,6 +346,19 @@ static void print_all_lib_versions(FILE* outstream, int indent)
static void maybe_print_config(const char *lib, const char *cfg)
static int warned_cfg;
if (strcmp(FFMPEG_CONFIGURATION, cfg)) {
if (!warned_cfg) {
fprintf(stderr, " WARNING: library configuration mismatch\n");
warned_cfg = 1;
fprintf(stderr, " %-11s configuration: %s\n", lib, cfg);
void show_banner(void)
fprintf(stderr, "%s version " FFMPEG_VERSION ", Copyright (c) %d-%d Fabrice Bellard, et al.\n",
......@@ -353,6 +366,17 @@ void show_banner(void)
fprintf(stderr, " built on %s %s with %s %s\n",
fprintf(stderr, " configuration: " FFMPEG_CONFIGURATION "\n");
maybe_print_config("libavutil", avutil_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libavcodec", avcodec_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libavformat", avformat_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libavdevice", avdevice_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libavfilter", avfilter_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libswscale", swscale_configuration());
maybe_print_config("libpostproc", postproc_configuration());
print_all_lib_versions(stderr, 1);
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