Commit 92fed113 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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swscale: Remove unused variable alpMmxFilter.

parent a8798c7e
......@@ -322,7 +322,6 @@ static int swScale(SwsContext *c, const uint8_t* src[],
int16_t *hChrFilter= c->hChrFilter;
int32_t *lumMmxFilter= c->lumMmxFilter;
int32_t *chrMmxFilter= c->chrMmxFilter;
int32_t av_unused *alpMmxFilter= c->alpMmxFilter;
const int vLumFilterSize= c->vLumFilterSize;
const int vChrFilterSize= c->vChrFilterSize;
const int hLumFilterSize= c->hLumFilterSize;
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