Commit 94bfdfd6 authored by Kostya Shishkov's avatar Kostya Shishkov
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g723_1: increase excitation storage by 4

Fixed codebook mode in 5300 rate may write up to SUBFRAME_LEN + 4 and
that is considered normal by the reference decoder. Without that additional
padding it might overwrite first elements of LPC history.
parent 802bcdcb
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ typedef struct g723_1_context {
int16_t prev_lsp[LPC_ORDER];
int16_t prev_excitation[PITCH_MAX];
int16_t excitation[PITCH_MAX + FRAME_LEN];
int16_t excitation[PITCH_MAX + FRAME_LEN + 4];
int16_t synth_mem[LPC_ORDER];
int16_t fir_mem[LPC_ORDER];
int iir_mem[LPC_ORDER];
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