Commit 98137a1a authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini

Document create_filter().

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parent d2874a9d
......@@ -80,6 +80,17 @@ static char *parse_link_name(const char **buf, AVClass *log_ctx)
return name;
* Create an instance of a filter, initialize and insert it in the
* filtergraph in *ctx.
* @param ctx the filtergraph context
* @param index an index which is supposed to be unique for each filter instance added to the filtergraph
* @param filt_name the name of the filter to create
* @param args the arguments provided to the filter during its initialization
* @param log_ctx the log context to use
* @return a filter context in case of successful creation and configuration, NULL otherwise.
static AVFilterContext *create_filter(AVFilterGraph *ctx, int index,
const char *filt_name, const char *args,
AVClass *log_ctx)
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