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patches should be split into incremental changes if possible

add patch split reasoning
suggest asking on ffmpeg-dev if theres doubt about spliting
(and like always if any developer disagrees say so and ill revert this and we can disscuss it on ffmpeg-dev)

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parent 2c0c00cb
......@@ -1492,7 +1492,13 @@ please use av_log() instead.
reported and eventually fixed.
Do not commit unrelated changes together, split them into self-contained
pieces. Also dont forget that if part B depends on part A but A doesnt
depend on B, then A can and should be commited first and seperately from B.
Keeping changes well split into self contained parts makes reviewing and
understanding them on svn log at the time of commit and later when
debugging a bug much easier.
Also if you have doubt about spliting or not spliting, dont hesitate to
ask/disscuss it on the developer mailing list.
Do not change behavior of the program (renaming options etc) without
first discussing it on the ffmpeg-devel mailing list. Do not remove
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