Commit 9902f4e2 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Originally committed as revision 9435 to svn://
parent 4e61e21c
......@@ -1696,7 +1696,7 @@ static inline void RENAME(bgr24ToY)(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int width)
int g= src[i*3+1];
int r= src[i*3+2];
dst[i]= ((RY*r + GY*g + BY*b + (33<<(RGB2YUV_SHIFT-1)) )>>RGB2YUV_SHIFT)
dst[i]= ((RY*r + GY*g + BY*b + (33<<(RGB2YUV_SHIFT-1)) )>>RGB2YUV_SHIFT);
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