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Update policy entry about compiler warnings to reflect ml discussions.

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......@@ -825,8 +825,13 @@ should also be avoided if they don't make the code easier to understand.
it has a fourcc, add it to @file{libavformat/avienc.c}, even if it
is only a decoder.
Do not change code to hide warnings without ensuring that the underlying
logic is correct and thus the warning was inappropriate.
Compiler warnings indicate bugs or code with bad style. If a type of
warning always points to correct and clean code, that warning should
be disabled, not the code changed.
Thus the remaining warnings can either be bugs or correct code.
If it is a bug, it has to be fixed. If it is not, the code should
be changed to not generate a warning unless that causes a slowdown
or obfuscates the code.
If you add a new file, give it a proper license header. Do not copy and
paste it from a random place, use an existing file as template.
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