Commit 99439cb7 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs
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Better place to disable some mpeg4 code and ensure that

ff_write_quant_matrix() won't be used when mpeg4 encoder is disabled.

Originally committed as revision 9579 to svn://
parent 898d5d5d
......@@ -2347,6 +2347,8 @@ static void mpeg4_encode_vol_header(MpegEncContext * s, int vo_number, int vol_n
int vo_ver_id;
if (!ENABLE_MPEG4_ENCODER) return;
if(s->max_b_frames || s->quarter_sample){
vo_ver_id= 5;
s->vo_type= ADV_SIMPLE_VO_TYPE;
......@@ -2448,8 +2450,6 @@ void mpeg4_encode_picture_header(MpegEncContext * s, int picture_number)
int time_incr;
int time_div, time_mod;
if (!ENABLE_MPEG4_ENCODER) return;
if(s->strict_std_compliance < FF_COMPLIANCE_VERY_STRICT) //HACK, the reference sw is buggy
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