Commit 9a0dda8b authored by Jason Garrett-Glaser's avatar Jason Garrett-Glaser
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H.264: disable 2tap qpel with CODEC_FLAG2_FAST and >8-bit

2tap qpel isn't implemented yet for high bit depth, so it just breaks decoding.
parent 84153d18
......@@ -2485,7 +2485,8 @@ static int decode_slice_header(H264Context *h, H264Context *h0){
s->dropable= h->nal_ref_idc == 0;
if((s->avctx->flags2 & CODEC_FLAG2_FAST) && !h->nal_ref_idc){
/* FIXME: 2tap qpel isn't implemented for high bit depth. */
if((s->avctx->flags2 & CODEC_FLAG2_FAST) && !h->nal_ref_idc && !h->pixel_shift){
s->me.qpel_put= s->dsp.put_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab;
s->me.qpel_avg= s->dsp.avg_2tap_qpel_pixels_tab;
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