Commit 9aa8ed9d authored by Panagiotis Issaris's avatar Panagiotis Issaris
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Add a --disable-devices flag which disables all muxers and demuxers of

libavdevice at once.

Originally committed as revision 11158 to svn://
parent a660c52a
...@@ -1007,6 +1007,8 @@ for opt do ...@@ -1007,6 +1007,8 @@ for opt do
;; ;;
--disable-protocols) disable $PROTOCOL_LIST --disable-protocols) disable $PROTOCOL_LIST
;; ;;
--disable-devices) disable "$INDEV_LIST $OUTDEV_LIST"
--enable-*=*|--disable-*=*) --enable-*=*|--disable-*=*)
eval `echo "$opt" | sed 's/=/-/;s/--/action=/;s/-/ thing=/;s/-/ name=/'` eval `echo "$opt" | sed 's/=/-/;s/--/action=/;s/-/ thing=/;s/-/ name=/'`
case "$thing" in case "$thing" in
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