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Document read_line().

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......@@ -72,6 +72,18 @@ typedef struct AVPixFmtDescriptor{
extern const AVPixFmtDescriptor av_pix_fmt_descriptors[];
* Reads a line from an image, and writes to \p dst the values of the
* pixel format component \p c.
* @param data the array containing the pointers to the planes of the image
* @param linesizes the array containing the linesizes of the image
* @param desc the pixel format descriptor for the image
* @param x the horizontal coordinate of the first pixel to read
* @param y the vertical coordinate of the first pixel to read
* @param w the width of the line to read, that is the number of
* values to write to \p dst
static inline void read_line(uint16_t *dst, const uint8_t *data[4], const int linesize[4], const AVPixFmtDescriptor *desc, int x, int y, int c, int w)
AVComponentDescriptor comp= desc->comp[c];
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