Commit 9be24c60 authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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Create the regtest reference files only when necessary

This avoid recreating the ref files every time an individual test
is run from the command line.

Originally committed as revision 24113 to svn://
parent e1621087
......@@ -289,6 +289,9 @@ $(LAVF_TESTS) $(LAVFI_TESTS): regtest-ref
REFFILE = $(SRC_PATH)/tests/ref/$(1)/$(2:regtest-%=%)
RESFILE = tests/data/$(2:regtest-%=%).$(1).regression
AREF = tests/data/acodec.ref.wav
VREF = tests/data/vsynth1.ref.yuv tests/data/vsynth2.ref.yuv
@echo "TEST VCODEC $(1:regtest-%=%)"
$(SRC_PATH)/tests/ $(1) vsynth1 tests/vsynth1 "$(TARGET_EXEC)" "$(TARGET_PATH)"
......@@ -301,11 +304,13 @@ define ACODECTEST
regtest-ref: regtest-aref regtest-vref
regtest-aref: $(AREF)
regtest-vref: $(VREF)
regtest-vref: ffmpeg$(EXESUF) tests/vsynth1/00.pgm tests/vsynth2/00.pgm
$(VREF): ffmpeg$(EXESUF) tests/vsynth1/00.pgm tests/vsynth2/00.pgm
@$(call VCODECTEST,vref)
regtest-aref: ffmpeg$(EXESUF) tests/data/asynth1.sw
$(AREF): ffmpeg$(EXESUF) tests/data/asynth1.sw
@$(call ACODECTEST,aref)
$(VCODEC_TESTS): tests/tiny_psnr$(HOSTEXESUF)
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