Commit 9c5755ee authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini Committed by Benoit Fouet
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Remove unnecessary copyright notice from ffplay.c:show_help.

patch by Stefano Sabatini stefano sabatini-lala poste it

Originally committed as revision 10604 to svn://
parent 4cfac5bc
......@@ -2479,8 +2479,7 @@ const OptionDef options[] = {
void show_help(void)
printf("ffplay version " FFMPEG_VERSION ", Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al.\n"
"usage: ffplay [options] input_file\n"
printf("usage: ffplay [options] input_file\n"
"Simple media player\n");
show_help_options(options, "Main options:\n",
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