Commit 9effd94a authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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Remove some void pointers arithmetic

Originally committed as revision 21771 to svn://
parent 185c7b6b
......@@ -101,10 +101,10 @@ typedef struct SwsContext{
int dstY;
int flags;
void * yuvTable; // pointer to the yuv->rgb table start so it can be freed()
void * table_rV[256];
void * table_gU[256];
uint8_t * table_rV[256];
uint8_t * table_gU[256];
int table_gV[256];
void * table_bU[256];
uint8_t * table_bU[256];
//Colorspace stuff
int contrast, brightness, saturation; // for sws_getColorspaceDetails
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