Commit 9fedbc89 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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introduce mxf_write_local_tag_utf16 and factorize

Originally committed as revision 15058 to svn://
parent 6b05863a
......@@ -325,11 +325,12 @@ static void mxf_write_preface(AVFormatContext *s)
* Write an ascii string as utf-16
* Write a local tag containing an ascii string as utf-16
static void mxf_write_utf16(ByteIOContext *pb, const char *value)
static void mxf_write_local_tag_utf16(ByteIOContext *pb, int tag, const char *value)
int i, size = strlen(value);
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, size*2, tag);
for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
put_be16(pb, value[i]);
......@@ -359,16 +360,10 @@ static void mxf_write_identification(AVFormatContext *s)
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, 16, 0x3C09);
mxf_write_uuid(pb, Identification, 1);
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, company_name_len, 0x3C01);
mxf_write_utf16(pb, "FFmpeg");
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, product_name_len, 0x3C02);
mxf_write_utf16(pb, "OP1a Muxer");
if (!(s->streams[0]->codec->flags & CODEC_FLAG_BITEXACT)) {
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, version_string_len, 0x3C04);
mxf_write_utf16(pb, LIBAVFORMAT_IDENT);
mxf_write_local_tag_utf16(pb, 0x3C01, "FFmpeg"); // Company Name
mxf_write_local_tag_utf16(pb, 0x3C02, "OP1a Muxer"); // Product Name
if (!(s->streams[0]->codec->flags & CODEC_FLAG_BITEXACT))
mxf_write_local_tag_utf16(pb, 0x3C04, LIBAVFORMAT_IDENT); // Version String
// write product uid
mxf_write_local_tag(pb, 16, 0x3C05);
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