Commit a33cc951 authored by Alex Beregszaszi's avatar Alex Beregszaszi
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cosmetics in resolve_host

Originally committed as revision 8833 to svn://
parent 0913873e
......@@ -33,11 +33,11 @@ int resolve_host(struct in_addr *sin_addr, const char *hostname)
struct hostent *hp;
if ((inet_aton(hostname, sin_addr)) == 0) {
if (!inet_aton(hostname, sin_addr)) {
hp = gethostbyname(hostname);
if (!hp)
return -1;
memcpy (sin_addr, hp->h_addr, sizeof(struct in_addr));
memcpy(sin_addr, hp->h_addr, sizeof(struct in_addr));
return 0;
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