Commit a4ef9658 authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini
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Make the blackframe filter print the time, in addition to the

timestamp, for each detected black frame.

Originally committed as revision 25648 to svn://
parent d370e3e9
......@@ -97,8 +97,8 @@ static void end_frame(AVFilterLink *inlink)
pblack = blackframe->nblack * 100 / (inlink->w * inlink->h);
if (pblack >= blackframe->bamount)
av_log(ctx, AV_LOG_INFO, "frame:%u pblack:%u pos:%"PRId64" pts:%f\n",
blackframe->frame, pblack, picref->pos,
av_log(ctx, AV_LOG_INFO, "frame:%u pblack:%u pos:%"PRId64" pts:%"PRId64" t:%f\n",
blackframe->frame, pblack, picref->pos, picref->pts,
picref->pts == AV_NOPTS_VALUE ? -1 : (double)picref->pts / AV_TIME_BASE);
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