Commit a63ac110 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

build: Do not redundantly specifiy H.263-related object files for MSMPEG4v*

These are already covered through dependencies specified in configure.
parent 738f8358
......@@ -259,16 +259,10 @@ OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEG1VIDEO_ENCODER) += mpeg12enc.o mpeg12.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEG2VIDEO_DECODER) += mpeg12dec.o mpeg12.o mpeg12data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MPEG2VIDEO_ENCODER) += mpeg12enc.o mpeg12.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V1_DECODER) += msmpeg4dec.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V2_DECODER) += msmpeg4dec.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o \
h263dec.o h263.o ituh263dec.o \
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V2_ENCODER) += msmpeg4.o msmpeg4enc.o msmpeg4data.o \
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V3_DECODER) += msmpeg4dec.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o \
h263dec.o h263.o ituh263dec.o \
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V3_ENCODER) += msmpeg4.o msmpeg4enc.o msmpeg4data.o \
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V2_DECODER) += msmpeg4dec.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V2_ENCODER) += msmpeg4enc.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V3_DECODER) += msmpeg4dec.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSMPEG4V3_ENCODER) += msmpeg4enc.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSRLE_DECODER) += msrle.o msrledec.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSA1_DECODER) += mss3.o mss34dsp.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_MSS1_DECODER) += mss1.o mss12.o
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