Commit a675d73d authored by Derek Buitenhuis's avatar Derek Buitenhuis
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eamad: Use dsputils instead of a custom bswap16_buf

Signed-off-by: default avatarDerek Buitenhuis <>
parent 45eaac02
......@@ -57,13 +57,6 @@ typedef struct MadContext {
int mb_y;
} MadContext;
static void bswap16_buf(uint16_t *dst, const uint16_t *src, int count)
int i;
for (i=0; i<count; i++)
dst[i] = av_bswap16(src[i]);
static av_cold int decode_init(AVCodecContext *avctx)
MadContext *s = avctx->priv_data;
......@@ -273,7 +266,7 @@ static int decode_frame(AVCodecContext *avctx,
av_fast_malloc(&s->bitstream_buf, &s->bitstream_buf_size, (buf_end-buf) + FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE);
if (!s->bitstream_buf)
bswap16_buf(s->bitstream_buf, (const uint16_t*)buf, (buf_end-buf)/2);
s->dsp.bswap16_buf(s->bitstream_buf, (const uint16_t*)buf, (buf_end-buf)/2);
init_get_bits(&s->gb, s->bitstream_buf, 8*(buf_end-buf));
for (s->mb_y=0; s->mb_y < (avctx->height+15)/16; s->mb_y++)
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