Commit a81ff195 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

libpostproc: Remove crufty code disabled by the big bump.

parent 5efef54e
......@@ -695,11 +695,7 @@ static inline void postProcess(const uint8_t src[], int srcStride, uint8_t dst[]
/* -pp Command line Help
const char *const pp_help=
const char pp_help[] =
"Available postprocessing filters:\n"
"Filters Options\n"
"short long name short long option Description\n"
......@@ -67,13 +67,7 @@ const char *postproc_license(void);
typedef void pp_context;
typedef void pp_mode;
typedef pp_context pp_context_t;
typedef pp_mode pp_mode_t;
extern const char *const pp_help; ///< a simple help text
extern const char pp_help[]; ///< a simple help text
void pp_postprocess(const uint8_t * src[3], const int srcStride[3],
uint8_t * dst[3], const int dstStride[3],
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