Commit a8ead332 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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RTSP: Use the same authentication for the HTTP POST session as for the GET

Originally committed as revision 23686 to svn://
parent db302347
......@@ -1616,6 +1616,24 @@ redirect:
ff_http_set_headers(rt->rtsp_hd_out, headers);
ff_http_set_chunked_transfer_encoding(rt->rtsp_hd_out, 0);
/* Initialize the authentication state for the POST session. The HTTP
* protocol implementation doesn't properly handle multi-pass
* authentication for POST requests, since it would require one of
* the following:
* - implementing Expect: 100-continue, which many HTTP servers
* don't support anyway, even less the RTSP servers that do HTTP
* tunneling
* - sending the whole POST data until getting a 401 reply specifying
* what authentication method to use, then resending all that data
* - waiting for potential 401 replies directly after sending the
* POST header (waiting for some unspecified time)
* Therefore, we copy the full auth state, which works for both basic
* and digest. (For digest, we would have to synchronize the nonce
* count variable between the two sessions, if we'd do more requests
* with the original session, though.)
ff_http_init_auth_state(rt->rtsp_hd_out, rt->rtsp_hd);
} else {
/* open the tcp connection */
ff_url_join(tcpname, sizeof(tcpname), "tcp", NULL, host, port, NULL);
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