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mention libavformat API examples

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......@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ Use @file{-} as filename.
@chapter Development
@section Are there examples of use of the FFmpeg libraries libavcodec and libavformat ?
Yes. Read the Developers Guide of the FFmpeg documentation.
@section Can you support my C compiler XXX ?
No. Only GCC is supported. GCC is ported on most systems available and I
......@@ -467,8 +467,10 @@ valid results, then crashes.
decoding). See @file{libavcodec/apiexample.c} to see how to use it.
@item libavformat is the library containing the file formats handling (mux and
demux code for several formats). (no example yet, the API is likely to
demux code for several formats). See @file{ffplay.c} to use it in a
player. See @file{output_example.c} to use it to generate audio or video
@end itemize
@section Integrating libavcodec or libavformat in your program
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