Commit ac0ad729 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Make the 2point linear interpolation coefficients correct even for the

nearly never occuring 0.0, 1.0.

Originally committed as revision 27574 to svn://
parent 33a67bd6
......@@ -1204,8 +1204,8 @@ static inline void RENAME(yuv2packedX)(SwsContext *c, int16_t *lumFilter, int16_
static inline void RENAME(yuv2packed2)(SwsContext *c, uint16_t *buf0, uint16_t *buf1, uint16_t *uvbuf0, uint16_t *uvbuf1,
uint8_t *dest, int dstW, int yalpha, int uvalpha, int y)
int yalpha1=yalpha^4095;
int uvalpha1=uvalpha^4095;
int yalpha1=4095- yalpha;
int uvalpha1=4095-uvalpha;
int i;
#if 0 //isn't used
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