Commit ac40ce42 authored by Christophe Gisquet's avatar Christophe Gisquet Committed by Guillaume Poirier
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Typo fix. Previous version had some picture error building up until next keyframe.

Now MMX version decodes 1:1 what the C version does
patch by Christophe GISQUET %christophe P gisquet A free P fr%

Originally committed as revision 11090 to svn://
parent e082f4a8
......@@ -175,8 +175,8 @@ static void vc1_put_shift2_mmx(uint8_t *dst, const uint8_t *src,
"punpcklbw %%mm0, %%mm2 \n\t"
"paddw %%mm1, %%mm3 \n\t"
"paddw %%mm2, %%mm4 \n\t"
"movd 0(%1,%3), %%mm1 \n\t"
"movd 4(%1,%3), %%mm2 \n\t"
"movd 0(%1,%4), %%mm1 \n\t"
"movd 4(%1,%4), %%mm2 \n\t"
"pmullw %%mm6, %%mm3 \n\t" /* 0,9,9,0*/
"pmullw %%mm6, %%mm4 \n\t" /* 0,9,9,0*/
"punpcklbw %%mm0, %%mm1 \n\t"
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