Commit af500c08 authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard
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dct-test: always link with aandcttab.o

This allows building dct-test even if aandcttab.o is not pulled in
by any enabled codec.  The DCT with which these tables are used does
not use them directly, so building it without the tables is possible.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent cf5781fa
......@@ -748,7 +748,7 @@ HOSTPROGS = aac_tablegen \
CLEANFILES = *_tables.c *_tables.h *_tablegen$(HOSTEXESUF)
$(SUBDIR)dct-test$(EXESUF): $(SUBDIR)dctref.o
$(SUBDIR)dct-test$(EXESUF): $(SUBDIR)dctref.o $(SUBDIR)aandcttab.o
TRIG_TABLES = cos cos_fixed sin
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