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explain Windows Native and Cross build - linked to DLL build page (unsupported...

explain Windows Native and Cross build - linked to DLL build page (unsupported yet in the makefiles)

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......@@ -470,6 +470,40 @@ features only found in GCC 3.2.
@section Windows
@subsection Native Windows compilation
@item Install the current versions of MSYS and MinGW from
@url{}. You can find detailed installation
instructions in the download section and the FAQ.
@item Extract the current version of ffmpeg (the latest release version or the current CVS snapshot whichever is recommended).
@item Start the MSYS shell (file @file{msys.bat}).
@item Change to the FFMPEG directory and create the libavcodec.a and libavformat.a libraries, following the instructions of how to compile ffmpeg (file @file{INSTALL}).
@end itemize
@subsection How to create a single Windows DLL from libavcodec and libavformat
Read @url{}.
@subsection Cross compilation for Windows with Linux
You must use the MinGW cross compilation tools available at
Then configure ffmpeg with the following options:
./configure --enable-mingw32 --cross-prefix=i386-mingw32msvc-
@end example
(you can change the cross-prefix according to the prefix choosen for the
MinGW tools).
Then you can easily test ffmpeg with wine
@section MacOS X
@section BeOS
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