Commit b1d2f812 authored by Jason Garrett-Glaser's avatar Jason Garrett-Glaser
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VP8: token probs doesn't need padding

prob[0] is the only prob array ever accessed, so prob[1] can serve as padding
for prob[0].
parent 628b48db
......@@ -233,8 +233,7 @@ typedef struct {
uint8_t golden;
uint8_t pred16x16[4];
uint8_t pred8x8c[3];
/* Padded to allow overreads */
uint8_t token[4][17][3][NUM_DCT_TOKENS-1];
uint8_t token[4][16][3][NUM_DCT_TOKENS-1];
uint8_t mvc[2][19];
} prob[2];
} VP8Context;
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