Commit b35743ff authored by Justin Ruggles's avatar Justin Ruggles
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ac3: define AC3_MAX_CPL_BANDS and use it in ac3dec.h

parent a2704c97
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
#define AC3_FRAME_SIZE (AC3_MAX_BLOCKS * 256)
#define AC3_MAX_CPL_BANDS 18
#include "ac3tab.h"
......@@ -103,12 +103,12 @@ typedef struct {
int cpl_strategy_exists[AC3_MAX_BLOCKS];///< coupling strategy exists (cplstre)
int channel_in_cpl[AC3_MAX_CHANNELS]; ///< channel in coupling (chincpl)
int phase_flags_in_use; ///< phase flags in use (phsflginu)
int phase_flags[18]; ///< phase flags (phsflg)
int phase_flags[AC3_MAX_CPL_BANDS]; ///< phase flags (phsflg)
int num_cpl_bands; ///< number of coupling bands (ncplbnd)
uint8_t cpl_band_sizes[18]; ///< number of coeffs in each coupling band
uint8_t cpl_band_sizes[AC3_MAX_CPL_BANDS]; ///< number of coeffs in each coupling band
int firstchincpl; ///< first channel in coupling
int first_cpl_coords[AC3_MAX_CHANNELS]; ///< first coupling coordinates states (firstcplcos)
int cpl_coords[AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][18]; ///< coupling coordinates (cplco)
int cpl_coords[AC3_MAX_CHANNELS][AC3_MAX_CPL_BANDS]; ///< coupling coordinates (cplco)
///@defgroup spx spectral extension
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