Commit b7d690f8 authored by Dieter's avatar Dieter Committed by Diego Biurrun

Use gmake instead of make on *BSD.

patch by Dieter, freebsd ^^at^^ sopwith ^^dot^^ solgatos ^^dot^^ com

Originally committed as revision 4936 to svn://
parent f9c5c13a
......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ sources to put the objects at that place. In that case, use an
absolute path when launching 'configure',
e.g. /ffmpegdir/ffmpeg/configure.
2) Then type 'make' to build ffmpeg.
2) Then type 'make' to build ffmpeg. On BSD systems, type 'gmake'
instead of 'make'. You may need to install GNU make first.
3) Type 'make install' to install ffmpeg and ffserver in
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