Commit bc48bb08 authored by Art Clarke's avatar Art Clarke Committed by Diego Biurrun
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Remove unused variable, patch by Art Clarke, aclarke vlideshow com.

Originally committed as revision 15748 to svn://
parent 5f621dd2
......@@ -894,12 +894,10 @@ void av_picture_copy(AVPicture *dst, const AVPicture *src,
for(i = 0; i < pf->nb_channels; i++) {
int w, h;
int h;
int bwidth = ff_get_plane_bytewidth(pix_fmt, width, i);
w = width;
h = height;
if (i == 1 || i == 2) {
w >>= pf->x_chroma_shift;
h= -((-height)>>pf->y_chroma_shift);
ff_img_copy_plane(dst->data[i], dst->linesize[i],
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