Commit bd9a9a2f authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

build: Eliminate obsolete test targets.

The targets are now part of FATE and can be run as individual FATE targets.
parent 5d62d0b1
......@@ -185,8 +185,6 @@ distclean::
$(SRC_PATH)/configure $(value LIBAV_CONFIGURATION)
check: test checkheaders
include $(SRC_PATH)/doc/Makefile
include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/Makefile
fulltest test: codectest lavftest lavfitest seektest
FFSERVER_REFFILE = $(SRC_PATH)/tests/ffserver.regression.ref
codectest: fate-codec
lavftest: fate-lavf
lavfitest: fate-lavfi
seektest: fate-seek
AREF = fate-acodec-aref
VREF = fate-vsynth1-vref fate-vsynth2-vref
......@@ -120,4 +113,4 @@ testclean:
-include $(wildcard tests/*.d)
.PHONY: fate* *test
.PHONY: fate*
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