Commit bde2c1c7 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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mpegaudiodec: Fix av_dlog() invocation.

Some parameters passed to the av_dlog can be either float or int, depending on
the mode the file is being compiled as.  Cast those parameters to float and use
appropriate conversion specifiers.
parent f3aa65af
...@@ -406,8 +406,9 @@ static av_cold int decode_init(AVCodecContext * avctx) ...@@ -406,8 +406,9 @@ static av_cold int decode_init(AVCodecContext * avctx)
k = i & 1; k = i & 1;
is_table_lsf[j][k ^ 1][i] = FIXR(f); is_table_lsf[j][k ^ 1][i] = FIXR(f);
is_table_lsf[j][k][i] = FIXR(1.0); is_table_lsf[j][k][i] = FIXR(1.0);
av_dlog(avctx, "is_table_lsf %d %d: %x %x\n", av_dlog(avctx, "is_table_lsf %d %d: %f %f\n",
i, j, is_table_lsf[j][0][i], is_table_lsf[j][1][i]); i, j, (float) is_table_lsf[j][0][i],
(float) is_table_lsf[j][1][i]);
} }
} }
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