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Prepare for 0.8_beta1 snapshot release

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version 0.8_beta1:
- BWF muxer
- Flash Screen Video 2 decoder
- ffplay/ffprobe/ffserver renamed to avplay/avprobe/avserver
Release Notes
* 0.7 "The Big Bump" June, 2011
* 0.8 "Forbidden Fruit"
General notes
This release enables frame-based multithreaded decoding for a number of codecs,
including VP8, H.263 and H.264. Additionally, there has been a major cleanup of
both internal and external APIs. For this reason, the major versions of all
libraries have been bumped. On the one hand, this means that 0.7 can be installed
side-by-side with previous releases, on the other hand, in order to benefit
from the new features, applications need to be recompiled.
Other important changes are additions of decoders including, but not limited to,
AMR-WB, single stream LATM/LOAS, G.722 ADPCM, a native VP8 decoder
and HE-AACv2. Additionally, many new de/muxers such as WebM in Matroska, Apple
HTTP Live Streaming, SAP, IEC 61937 (S/PDIF) have been added.
This release continues the API cleanups that have begun with the
previous release. While it is binary compatible with 0.7, many parts of
the public API were deprecated and will be removed in the git master and
later releases. Please consult the doc/APIchanges file to see intended
replacements for the deprecated APIs.
Furthermore, our work on the 'ffmpeg' command-line tool has resulted in
major revisions to its interface. In order to not break existing scripts
and applications, we have chosen to introduce a new tool called
'avconv', and keep the traditional 'ffmpeg' frontend for end-user's
convenience. Please see the Changelog file for details how 'avconv'
differs from 'ffmpeg'.
Additionally, this release introduces a number of new interesting codecs
such as the Apple Prores, Flash Screen Video 2 and Windows Media Image,
and muxers such as LATM or CELT in Ogg, among many others. Moreover, our
H.264 decoder has been improved to decode 4:2:2 material and our libx264
wrapper now allows to produce 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 video.
See the Changelog file for a list of significant changes.
......@@ -30,23 +37,14 @@ report against the development code following the usual bug reporting guidelines
API changes
Please see the file doc/APIchanges for programmer-centric information. Note that a
lot of long-time deprecated APIs have been removed. Also, a number of additional
APIs have been deprecated and are scheduled for removal in the next release.
A number of additional APIs have been introduced and some existing
functions have been deprecated and are scheduled for removal in the next
release. Please see the file doc/APIchanges for details along with
similar programmer-centric information.
Other notable changes
- many ARM NEON optimizations
- libswscale cleanup started, optimizations should become easier in the future
- nonfree libfaad support for AAC decoding removed
- 4:4:4 H.264 decoding
- 9/10bit H.264 decoding
- Win64 Assembler support
- native MMSH/MMST support
- Windows TV demuxing
- native AMR-WB decoding
- native GSM-MS decoding
- SMPTE 302M decoding
- AVS encoding
Please see the Changelog file for a more detailed list of changes.
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