Commit bf6ce82d authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

Check for sys/select.h and poll.h unconditionally, not just if ffserver

is enabled. The headers are used throughout the code.

Originally committed as revision 14755 to svn://
parent 11a9d3e8
......@@ -1641,8 +1641,10 @@ check_header byteswap.h
check_header conio.h
check_header dlfcn.h
check_header malloc.h
check_header poll.h
check_header sys/mman.h
check_header sys/resource.h
check_header sys/select.h
check_header termios.h
if ! enabled_any memalign memalign_hack && enabled need_memalign ; then
......@@ -1652,13 +1654,6 @@ fi
enabled zlib && check_lib zlib.h zlibVersion -lz || disable zlib
enabled bzlib && check_lib bzlib.h BZ2_bzlibVersion -lbz2 || disable bzlib
# ffserver uses poll(),
# if it's not found we can emulate it using select().
if enabled ffserver; then
check_header poll.h
check_header sys/select.h
# check for some common methods of building with pthread support
# do this before the optional library checks as some of them require pthreads
if enabled pthreads; then
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