Commit c11b92b3 authored by Janne Grunau's avatar Janne Grunau
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Changelog: restore version <next> header

Indeo 4 decoder and SMJPEG demuxer are not included in 0.8_beta1. Move
them to version <next>.
parent c3513477
......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ Entries are sorted chronologically from oldest to youngest within each release,
releases are sorted from youngest to oldest.
version <next>:
- Indeo 4 decoder
- SMJPEG demuxer
version 0.8_beta1:
- BWF muxer
......@@ -111,8 +117,6 @@ easier to use. The changes are:
- v410 QuickTime uncompressed 4:4:4 10-bit encoder and decoder
- OpenMG Audio muxer
- Simple segmenting muxer
- Indeo 4 decoder
- SMJPEG demuxer
version 0.7:
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